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Harrison Mural

Some facts about the mural:
1. The original plan was for a 20' x 24' size but the logistics and cost caused us to make it 16' x 24'
2. It was a very GOOD thing that we ended up painting the boards in the art rooms.
3. The 2nd semester middle school students and many of the 4th grade art students created the sketches for the design. Mat, the professional muralist, sketched up a couple of options that included many of our student's original designs. We feel that we included every topic in the school survey in a successful way. (Willem and Camron are very proud of their astronaut. James Smith is very happy with his science beakers. Kadie Smith is pleased with her columbine. Tova Felix-Burns and her friends are silly about their little characters, and just about everyone else can tell you how proud they are of their contributions.)
3. ACE hardware provided all of the mural materials and gave us a generous discount.
4. The mural expenses were funded by a $1000 gift from the Royal Gorge Artist's Guild and $1,100 from our school PTO
5. 95% of the priming, sketching, and painting on the boards was accomplished by our 3rd - 8th grade students (mostly middle school).
6. Jeff Peterson and the
district maintenance crew helped with the installation - even when it was raining cats and dogs! 
7. All of the students that worked on the mural project demonstrated fantastic teamwork and proactive behaviors that reinforce my belief in BIG projects even further.
8. There is a camera that records activity under the mural. 
9. Jeff P. will be installing two lights above the mural that will illuminate the entire thing.
10. I am exhausted yet elated. 
Enjoy our building's new embellishment. It's not a BROWN wall anymore everybody!