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Welcome to Harrison School's Elementary Music Website


Wendy Hofmann                     General Music & Band   

Welcome to the Harrison K-8 elementary Music website!  Elementary students at Harrison have the benefit of attending Life Skills classes, which include Music, Art, Computers and P.E.  In addition to teaching the state standards in each of these classes, it is our goal to build students' skills so they will practice, enjoy, and benefit from them throughout their life.


I believe all students are capable of learning and of expressing themselves.  Through individual, whole group, and small cooperative groups, students will develop knowledge and skills in various music areas that include theory, elements of music, history, styles, expression and aesthetics, performance, aural skills, rhythm, movement and dance, and even drama.  Emphasis is given to integrating music with other classroom areas of study and striving to meet the various needs of diverse learners in each class while teaching state music standards. 
Five schools in our district rotate multicultrual music kits throughout the school year.  Each is a resource that may be used to implement the state standards in various creative and cultural ways.  The kits include keyboards (one or two students per keyboard), World Drumming (an African drum for each student), Africa, Australia, and Mexico.  Each school has non-pitched percussion instruments in addition to a set of Orff instruments which are instruments, such as xylophones, with wooden or metal bars that are
played with mallets. 
In addition to having Music 2 consecutive days in a 6 day rotation with Computers and P.E. at Harrison, elementary students can experience other musical experiences!   Grade level programs, Harrison's Talon-ted Hawk Choir (grades 3-5), 5th grade band concerts, Solo-Ensemble Festival for Band, as well as All-City 5th grade band and choir tours and concerts are performed throughout the year.
In addition to attending programs, we encourage you to visit the music classroom this year.
Please see Music Programs/Classes.