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Welcome to Art

Welcome to the Harrison School 6th-8th Grade Visual Arts website!
Greetings Harrison School 6th- 8th grade students, parents, and friends,
I am Ms. Heidi Hubinger (hue-bin-jer), Harrison School’s 6th-8th grades visual arts instructor. I've had the pleasure of being Harrison’s middle school art instructor since our beautiful k-8 facility was constructed in 2006.  As a child, growing up in Michigan (the beautiful "great lakes" state), I dreamed of living in the Rockies because my family and I visited my aunt in Boulder, CO every summer and winter for mountain biking, hiking, and alpine skiing.  Since moving to Canon City in 2000, I taught k-6th grade art at Lincoln and Harrison elementary schools until the fabulous new Harrison was constructed, and at that point I snatched up the opportunity to work with middle school level students.  Besides the obvious (making, viewing, and appreciating all things art related), I enjoy whitewater rafting, cross country running and skiing, bicycling, and hiking with my dogs and wonderful companion, Steven Carter (CCHS & CCMS GATE Instructor).
Here at Harrison k-8 School students and staff have the unique ability to build relationships with each other as students grow from early childhood (kindergarten) on up to 8th grade. The elementary art teacher (Mrs.Cooper) and I collaborate frequently to give our students some continuity and familiarity from grade level to grade level.  I look forward to future adventures in art with your Harrison middle school student/s.  I will provide a safe, intriguing, productive, and positive environment and experience for your child, and I hope they can find their most expressive selves as a result.
Please enjoy perusing this site for everything from exciting art program updates to photographs of your child's artwork, which I will attempt to add as frequently as possible.
Artfully yours,
Heidi Hubinger ("Ms. H'")

ART PROJECTS:  Be prepared to experience some exciting new things!

* Drawing from Observation, Memory, and Imagination

* Painting Techniques, 2-D & 3-D surfaces (including BEE HIVES and restaurant tables!)

* Multi Media Sculptures


* Study the Masters

* Printmaking and much more!

  • Individual growth in art skills is reflected in the student’s responses to specific projects.  The instructor will look for evidence that the student:
     Generates original ideas for artwork.
    •    Shows the use of design elements and media to express ideas in art.
    •    Shows good workmanship.
    •    Participates in discussions, activities, written assignments, and other work to the best of their ability.
    * Many projects will include a work rubric and/or evaluation so students can self-assess as they create.  
    ** Note:  Grades (A’s through F’s) will be updated as frequently as possible, however, some art projects will not have set due dates due to the diverse range of student abilities and individual working paces.  While written assignments and smaller activity points will be updated frequently, expressive art assignments may take an entire quarter.  If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s grades, feel free to call or contact me using the link, the school office #, or “Parent Portal” teacher email.  Otherwise, I trust that your Harrison student knows how to check in on his/her grades.

    The middle school art program receives approximately $5.00 per student for supplies for the entire school year.  Most tools, equipment, and materials are supplied for students in the art room, including paper.  However, your help in providing your Harrison student with a few extra items is extemely helpful. Students should leave their items in a provided slot in the art room so they have them every day.  If they lose these items or run out, they are responsible for replenishing them as soon as possible.  They are also responsible for seeing me to make their own sketchpad or receive spare pencils if they are unable to acquire them outside of school.

    1.  Sketchbook/drawing pad - Any sketchbook or drawing pad will do, as long as it’s at least 8 ½” x 11” and not over 12” x 18” in size; 9” x 12” is ideal.  It should have at least 20 white pages and a durable cover.   You can find inexpensive sketchbooks at ALCO, Walgreen’s, the “dollar stores,” some grocery stores, and Walmart in Canon City.  Higher quality/professional-grade sketchbooks can be found at Hobby Lobbys and other arts/craft stores in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. Canon Frame Shop on Main St. has great art supplies and the owner, Becca, will give you a %10 “Harrison discount.”

    2. Pencils - #2 or special art pencils (There are art kits that include nice sketching pencils at local stores)  Students should bring at least a ½ dozen pencils to leave in the art room for the semester.

          3. Erasers (optional) Pink, rubber, vinyl, or kneaded, any size, as long as it erases pencil lead well

             4. Sharpener - a small, portable pencil sharpener is a helpful tool